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Wicksteed Park Model Boat Club

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Wicksteed Park Model Boat Club is a relatively new club, there has of course been clubs in the past but these have gradually declined and petered out.  The current club started in February 2005 and is the first 'proper' club this century. The Wicksteed Park Model Boat Club already has some 70 members and this looks set to grow. 


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The club itself has the use of the purpose made and recently refurbished model boating lake some 90m x 30m and the entire lake is accessible by waders.  The Model Boat Club have the use of the lake seven days a week and also an indoor secure storage area just a few yards away, as well as a shelter on the lakeside for cover in inclement weather. 

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Finally the Model Boat Club have the occasional use of part of the main 30 acre lake should we wish to stage large national events that are simply to big for the normal lake. They are always pleased to see visitors at Wicksteed Park as it is the countries first theme park.  It also has a large number of free swings, climbing frames  slides etc. so you can bring the family and have all day sailing in peace.  If you would like to bring your club, we can make special arrangements for you.



If you would like to find out more information about the Wicksteed Park Model Boat club, please click on the following link

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